UKC CH Vista Real's Paloma Pearl
Paully is by our Grand Champion Farr West Reese who is by Australian Import Baylock Glenmorangie. She is out of Champion Folly Farms Loosey, who carries many generations of Foundation American lines, legitimately traceable back to England.

While Paully carries 1/4 Australian lines she is an example of well conformed American Bred Russell Terrier bitch (2nd full generation).  Her grandmother on her father's side, Elk Creek Squeeker II, also comes from many generations of Foundation Elk Creek lines going back to Hi Hills and beyond. Her entire pedigree traces back to some of the original (now Russell Terrier) imports from England into both America & Australia. Her 13 generation kennel club pedigree extends back to the Beaufort Hunt on both her Elk Creek side and the through the Aussie lines. This pedigree dates back to the early 60's. 

She has lots of energy and is a very sweet reasonably tempered girl. She is small with straight legs and correct proportionally. She has a small, flexible chest that is easily spanned.  She is a black/white broken coat. I am excited to have bred this lovely little dog. I am  thankful for the bloodlines that have been entrusted to me to make this breeding possible.

Paully finished her UKC Champion title.